Joshua Hartman

Horizon Strategies Group

The Center for Strategic Space Studies (CS3)

Senior Associate
Center for Strategic and International Studies

Joshua Hartman is the CEO for Horizon Strategies Group, LLC, a company that develops problem-focused strategies and innovations leveraging the business marketplace. He is also a Principal at the Center for Strategic Space Studies (CS3) and a Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, nonprofit thinktanks focused on educating government and industry policy makers on the implications of rapid technology change. He is featured frequently in defense related publications and regularly requested to speak at international forums on a host of technology topics. Mr. Hartman has focused his career on development and execution of strategy and programs covering missile defense, cyberspace, intelligence, and space.

Previously, he was senior adviser to the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (USD) and was Deputy Assistance Secretary of Defense for Space and Intelligence (DASD). As senior adviser, he was responsible for supporting the USD in matters relating to the acquisition and logistics systems at the Department of Defense (DOD). As DASD, he established and ran departmental activities on all acquisition programs and industrial base issues related to space, intelligence, and cyber, totaling over 61 programs and $70 billion annually.

Mr. Hartman began his career as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. His assignments included the Space and Missiles Systems Center, National Reconnaissance Office, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Office of the Secretary of Defense, and Naval Research Laboratory.

He joined the House Armed Services Committee as a professional staff member in 2004 to develop policy regarding U.S. government involvement in cyber operations, space, intelligence, defense acquisition, and missile defense. He then joined the House Appropriations Committee to perform oversight, create and facilitate execution of the DOD budget, and develop national security policy and investment strategy regarding cyber, space, and intelligence. During that time, he became staff director of the Select Intelligence Appropriations Panel, where he provided oversight for all components of the intelligence community while managing the resources and developing and implementing the legislative strategy for reform. In recognition of his service, he has received numerous military awards, was selected by Space News as one of the top 10 individuals in 2006 “making a difference” in space around the world, and was awarded the Secretary of Defense Outstanding Public Service Award.

He attended the U.S. Air Force Academy, graduating with a B.S. in Space Physics. He earned an M.S. with honors in strategic intelligence, with a concentration in Middle East/Iranian affairs, from the National Defense Intelligence College. He also completed work in the Graduate Program of Business Administration at California State University, Long Beach. He continues to serve as a member of the Air Force Reserves.