NRO ASP Industry Advisory Working Group

USGIF established its NRO ASP Industry Advisory Working Group (NAIAWG) to bring together industry professionals from hardware, software, system integrator, and SETA/FFRDC organizations in order to help the government achieve its Agency transformation objectives. Specifically this working group is formed to identify business models that will support government and industry objectives as well as to identify potential pitfalls and corresponding courses of action.

The NRO ASP IAWG meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 3:00 p.m. at USGIF Headquarters. For more information about this working group, please email

Co-Chair: Nick Buck

Read more about NRO ASP Working Group in the Q3 2015 issue of trajectory magazine.

Call for Co-Chair

USGIF’s NRO ASP Industry Advisory Working Group (NAIAWG) is accepting nominations and self-nominations to serve as a co-chair. Duties include serving as a focal point to the government and community, coordinating/preparing working sessions, organizing action teams, and assisting team members with publishable artifacts.

As a current co-chair, Nick Buck said,
“I can honestly say that volunteering has been enjoyable and the professional ‘ROI’ has been high,” said NRO IAWG Co-Chair Nick Buck. “Please consider your role in helping the NRO industry base and government customers jointly achieve the Future Ground Architecture vision. As the saying goes, ‘many hands makes for light work.’ The NRO IAWG has been making a significant difference…why not be a part of it?”

The deadline for nominations is Nov. 30. Please reply to if you’d like to self-nominate or if you have someone you think would benefit from serving in this role.

Upcoming Meeting

Dec. 5, 3-5 p.m.
USGIF Headquarters, Herndon, VA

Past Meetings

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Meeting Notes for November 2016 Meeting

August 23, 2016
Meeting Presentation

June 21, 2016
OSS White Paper
The Open Source Software Institute (OSSI) has published a white paper discussing enterprise governance of Open Source Software (OSS). The paper provides an introduction to OSS, how enterprises can manage the OSS that is already being used on their enterprise network, and an approach for enterprises to include OSS in their existing IT governance program.

May 16, 2016
GEOINT 2016 NGA Advisory Working Group/NRO ASP Industry Advisory Working Group Discussion

April 26, 2016
Meeting Presentation

Feb. 23, 2016
Meeting Presentation


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