Small Satellite Working Group

A paradigm shift is occurring in the satellite industry. Small satellites are maturing to offer agility, affordability, resiliency and high resolution imagery. Simultaneously, national security leaders are examining the potential threats posed by adversaries to our legacy space-based assets.

The Small Satellites (SmallSats) Working Group is established to inform and educate the USGIF stakeholder community on the user needs for – and technical capabilities of – small satellites and associated tasking, processing, exploitation and dissemination (TPED) systems.

Co-chairs: Jessica “JB” Young, Lockheed Martin; and Rob Zitz, Leidos.

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SmallSat Working Group Charter 2014-2015

Upcoming Events

Monthly Meeting

March 22, 1 p.m.
USGIF Headquarters, Herndon, VA

We encourage as many folks as possible to attend in person as we have two guest speakers for next week’s session:

  • Congressman (Ret) Jim Longley, R-ME, Chair of the Advanced Technical Intelligence Association
  • Ms. Natalie Laudier, Army PM from the Army Geospatial Center

Additionally we will have time for industry updates and discuss GEOINT 2017.


Slides from SmallSat Working Group Meeting-July 2016

Generation Orbit


Orbital ATK Part 1

Orbital ATK Part 2

Vector Space

Virgin Galactic

Vulcan Aerospace

May 27, 2015 Working Group Meeting Presentation by Dr. Siegfried Janson