Activity-Based Intelligence Working Group

The Activity Based Intelligence (ABI) Working Group is established to inform and educate the community on a common understanding of Activity Based Intelligence and to enhance communications throughout the relevant government and contractor circles of the ABI value proposition. The ABI working group will look into development of common terminology, technological shortfalls that need to be addressed, and into identifying best practices. It will also provide a forum for the coordination of IR&D with existing ABI related technological gaps

The Activity Based Working Group will accomplish these goals through education, information, workshops, fora and other activities. The members of the ABI WG will develop and deliver position papers, standards/specifications requirements, educational flyers, training programs, discussion sessions, and other efforts as necessary.

View a copy of the ABI Working Group Charter here.

If you or your organization would like to participate, please send a short note to the ABI WG Chairs, John Delay, Victoria Nguyen, and Jacqueline Barbieri, at

Upcoming Events


Past Events

March 17, 2016 Working Group Meeting

ABI WG Agenda – March 17, 2016

Dec. 17, 2015 Working Group Meeting

ABI WG Agenda – Dec. 17, 2015

A New Strategic Mindset Presentation By NGA’s David Gauthier


  • USGIF’s trajectory magazine recaps the second ABI working group meeting


ABI Working Group GEOINT 2013* Data Set Collection Presentation

August 21, 2014 Working Group Meeting Presentations
The Application of “Spiral Analysis” to ABI: Lesson’s Learned in the Interagency Environment

November 7, 2013 Working Group Meeting Presentations
Activity and Location Based Analytics through ERP/GIS Integration
Presented by: Joseph D. Fargnoli /RITRE

NGA ABI Slides Approved for Public Release

NGA ABI Slick Sheet

ABI Lexicon Discussion – Harris Corp.
November 2013

ABI References at the GEOINT 2012 Symposium in Orlando, Florida
GEOINT 2012 Keynote Address Transcript DNI Clapper

GEOINT 2012 Keynote Address Transcript Director Long

GEOINT 2012 Keynote Address Transcript USD-I Vickers