GEOINT Starter Kit

The Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Starter Kit includes four short courses that provide you with the fundamental and practical knowledge and skills on which to base a successful career as a GEOINT Analyst.

Each is a stand-alone course that may be taken individually. By combining all four courses, you will receive a condensed, immediate deep dive into the practice of GEOINT. The courses include:

Introduction to GEOINT

For those who are interested in learning about the fundamental tenets of GEOINT or would like a refresher on the breadth of today’s GEOINT applications.

Introduction to Cyber Security (in-person or online) – USGIF Course 101

Practical cyber security skills for the GEOINT professional are not usually included in GEOINT training, but are essential to understand how to protect data and systems in the GEOINT environment.

Use of Social Media

Leverage social media to enhance your professional digital identity and incorporate it into effective business communications. The instruction focuses on the science and art of social business.

Critical Thinking Fundamentals

Do you think outside of the box? Do you question why the box even exists? Critical thinking is the foundation of all analysis. GEOINT analysts are expected to make strong, impactful analytic judgments in an increasingly difficult threat environment

Who Should Sign Up?

Individuals seeking the highest degree of understanding and work quality should take these courses. Organizations with a commitment to the professional development of their workforce should consider enrolling all of their analysts in these courses. USGIF Individual and Organizational Members will receive a 25% discount.

The GEOINT Starter Kit courses will be offered in Fall 2017. To receive enrollment information, please email