Universal GEOINT Credentialing Program

This fall, USGIF will offer the first Universal GEOINT Certification to both U.S. and international GEOINT practitioners across multiple industries, military, academia, and federal, state, and local government.

USGIF’s Universal GEOINT Certification is being designed for GEOINT professionals across the globe with at least three to five years of real-world experience and a working understanding of physical and human geography. To achieve certification, candidates must pass three rigorous exams based on the fundamentals of remote sensing, GIS, data management, and data visualization.

All exams, recommended training modules, and certification maintenance requirements will fall under the umbrella of USGIF’s Universal GEOINT Credentialing Program. The certification is being built to be transportable and transparent—meaning not only will it be globally recognized and applicable to all industries and organizations, but also that USGIF strives to be as transparent as possible in its development and program efforts.

USGIF has reached out to the broader geospatial sciences community to offer a concerted environment for discussing the many disparate but united GEOINT-related credentials. Since April 2014, USGIF has hosted multiple events to gauge interest in community-wide collaboration on certification.

GEOINT Essential Body of Knowledge

The development of any new certification begins with creating an essential body of knowledge (EBK) for that profession. USGIF produced the GEOINT EBK by conducting a cross-industry job analysis to identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities critical to the GEOINT workforce.This document provides background information and context as well as outlines standards for the broad practice of GEOINT. The GEOINT EBK is at the heart of USGIF’s efforts to professionalize the global GEOINT workforce. Within this document are examples of transparency and transportability, the hallmarks of the USGIF Credentialing Program.

The EBK ultimately resides with the practitioners and academics that apply and advance the GEOINT tradecraft. It includes knowledge of proven practices that are widely applied as well as innovative and advanced practices. Geospatial intelligence is a dynamic tradecraft. As the profession continues to evolve so will the EBK, continuing to reflect appropriate and meaningful changes to the GEOINT tradecraft and to incorporate new approaches to performing tasks that become more prevalent.

Download the GEOINT EBK Now

Get Involved

To create a successful credentialing program, USGIF could use your expertise and input during our pilot exams.

USGIF will administer pilot exams at the GEOINT 2015 Symposium. Qualified attendees have the opportunity to take the remote sensing and/or GIS exams for free, counting toward their Universal GEOINT Certification if passed. Click here to find out more information on the pilot exam.

To find out more about GEOINT Credentialing and how you can get involved in this groundbreaking initiative, please email credential@usgif.org.