Universal GEOINT Professional Credential

USGIF is strengthening the GEOINT profession through the creation of a new geospatial certification and credentialing program. This in-depth credential requires knowledge of remote sensing and imagery analysis, GIS, data management, and synthesis/reporting.

Achieving USGIF’s Universal GEOINT Credential will allow geospatial professionals to distinguish themselves as internationally recognized practitioners.


A State of Geospatial Credentialing workshop convened on October 8, 2014, at USGIF Headquarters in Herndon, Va., to review existing professional certifications, and to take initial steps toward coordination. Representatives from ASPRS, AAG, UCGIS, GITA, NGAC, GISCI, USGIF, the GeoTech Center, and USGIF accredited schools discussed many important topics, including academic credentials, professional certifications, and various types of certificates, professional badging, and technical/software certification. The outcome resulted in an agreement the GEOINT Community lacked credentialing cohesion.

Moving toward the goal of strengthening the professional geospatial credentialing environment, a framework was proposed and agreed upon as a starting point for future discussions. This credentialing framework takes into account a variety of existing credentials such as college degrees, accredited GEOINT certificate programs, and accredited geospatial certifications. This framework covers credentialing entities, recipients, and organizations that would be interested in hiring credentialed individuals, as well as organizations and individuals/entities impacted by work performed by credentialed individuals.

Get Involved

To create a successful credentialing program, USGIF could use your expertise and input in various areas.

  • Provide assistance as a Subject Matter Expert for test development for the new Universal GEOINT Credential. Read the requirements here.
  • Take part in upcoming activities:
    • April 2015 – USGIF Credentialing Steering Committee Meeting
    • June 2015 – Universal GEOINT Certification Beta Exam Testing
    • Fall 2015 – 2nd Annual State of GEOINT Credentialing Meeting

To find out more about GEOINT Credentialing and how you can get involved in this groundbreaking initiative, please email credential@usgif.org.