3D Storytelling for the Xbox Generation


February 23, 2017 at 5:30p

Location: Mustang Sally Brewing Company, 14140 Parke Long Ct A-C, Chantilly, VA 20151

Join us for networking and an informal discussion as Craig Brower, vice president of Vricon, discusses three key areas of diversity in the Intelligence Community (IC): Data, Perspective, and Age. Today, we are drowning in a sea of information. While diversity of data is critical to analysis, it is only useful when it is interpreted by people or machines and conveyed in an understandable context. At the same time, the “Xbox generation” is now embarking on careers in the IC in record numbers and is surprised by the IC’s 2D limitations. How can these talented new members of the IC, who are used to playing and thinking in 3D, communicate key intelligence findings effectively and accurately? This presentation will discuss how to give the Xbox generation the Xbox-like tools to create new insights into critical intelligence issues. This powerfully diverse intersection of age, data, and perspective is critical for the IC to enhance its storytelling and better support policy makers.

RSVP to ypg@usgif.org to attend this free event.