Become the Next USGIF Committee Co-Chair

Become the Next USGIF Committee Co-Chair

June 21, 2013

USGIF is looking for volunteers to fill the vacancy of two committee co-chair positions. Co-chairs are needed for the Technical Committee as well as the Tradecraft & Professional Development Committee.

How to Apply
All nominees must be a USGIF Member. Individuals may self-nominate or nominate someone for either committee position. Nomination applications are due Friday, June 21, 2013 and should be sent to the USGIF Event Operations and Community Relations Manager, Carrie Drake, at, with the following information:

  • Name, title, organization and contact information of the nominee
  • Statement of interest by the nominee (not to exceed one page)
  • Statement by an official of the nominee’s organization stating support of the organization to fulfill this role
  • Recommendations are optional

About the Technical Subcommittee
The Technical Committee identifies emerging trends and serves as a collection point for technical aspects that demonstrate true interoperability from common community standards. The Technical Committee directly supports and plans many activities at USGIF events, including portions of the GEOINT Symposium, GEOINT Community Week, Denver Technical Workshop, and more. The Technical Committee also oversees the Interoperability Outreach Subcommittee and the Emerging Technologies Subcommittee.

In this role, co-chairs are responsible for helping to continue to build the Foundation’s technical programs and maintain a commitment to serving the entire GEOINT Community as part of the portfolio of USGIF programs. It is estimated that this role can take up to 10% of a person’s time, particularly in preparation for the GEOINT Symposium and GEOINT Community Week.

About the Tradecraft & Professional Development Committee
The Tradecraft and Professional Development Committee discusses and implements ways to assess the needs for GEOINT professionals to support government, industry, and academia. This committee determines the basic and advanced qualifications for GEOINT professionals and assesses the education and training programs, which prepares individuals’ advancement in the GEOINT field. This committee works very closely with the Technical and Academic committees.

In this role, co-chairs are responsible for working on Professional GEOINT Certification issues, developing key tradecraft topics for the GEOINT Symposium and GEOINT Community Week, and advising USGIF Members and staff on relevant professional development trends and activities.

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