Julia Bowers

Pearl Analysis, LLC

Ms. Bowers is the founder and CEO of Pearl Analysis, providing SaaS, Human Geography and GIS analytic services to start-ups and small businesses. Previously she was the COO for Spatial Networks and prior to that the general manager of SCIA and Director of Defense Programs for Courage Services, both Human Geography data and research companies.

Recently Ms. Bowers served as USGIF Lead for Human Geography (HG) organizing HG-related initiatives that further the HG tradecraft within the Intelligence Community. Notably, Ms. Bowers has hosted, organized and participated in HG panels over the last few years focused on lessons learned, collection, storage, and visualization of HG data. Ms. Bowers also supported the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA) with the development of a HG computer-based training (CBT) lesson focused on Using Human Geography and Geospatial Considerations for Regional (All Source) Analysts.

Ms. Bowers served as the Chief of Human Terrain for USSOCOM’s Skope Cell working towards building the foundation of US DoD Human Terrain methodologies and tradecraft consulting on NGA’s Human Geography Data Theme development, Human Terrain Handbook & Reference Guide V1.0 and NGA’s inaugural Human Terrain Concepts “HT 101” course. In addition, Ms. Bowers served as a principal analyst and methodology trainer at USCENTCOM’s Human Terrain Analysis Branch during its formation and as an instructor at George Mason University (GMU) for the GIS certificate program’s first, Human Terrain Analysis course in 2008. Ms. Bowers has also served two tours in the US Navy, and a tour with USSOCOM in Afghanistan. Ms. Bowers has a BA in Psychology from Chaminade University, Global MBA in International Finance from College of Charleston and graduate certificates in Data Analytics & Data-Driven Marketing from Cornell University.