The Honorable Sue C. Payton

Director Emeritus

The Honorable Sue C. Payton—change agent, acquisition expert, innovative industry leader and public servant—has over 27 years of continued success working in senior industry and government positions with military services, defense agencies, coalition partners, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Office of the
Secretary of Defense, the intelligence community, Congress, Universities and the media.

As the former assistant secretary of the Air Force, Payton was responsible for all Air Force research, development and acquisition activities. She provided strategy, direction, guidance and oversight of all matters pertaining to the formulation, review, approval and execution of acquisition plans, policies and programs. Payton directed a $30 billion annual investment that included major weapon systems such as unmanned air vehicles, mobility, ISR and fighter aircraft, and munitions, as well as, capability areas such as alternative fuels, information technology, command and control, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems. During her tenure with Lockheed Martin and Martin Marietta, Payton was responsible for leveraging the latest information technology needs of DOD and the intelligence community and she resolved complex space system acquisition and technical issues. In her current role, Payton advises business and government executive leaders in areas of corporate governance principles and policies, standards of conduct, strategic business planning including R&D and game changing technology transition, acquisition and logistics approaches to meet national security needs, resource allocations and operating execution plans.