Patrick Cozzi


Patrick Cozzi is CEO of Cesium and the creator of Cesium and 3D Tiles. A recognized expert in 3D graphics and mapping technology, open standards, and open source software, he is dedicated to advancing 3D geospatial technology.  

Patrick is the originator of CesiumJS, an open source JavaScript library for rendering world-class 3D globes and maps. Since 2011, the CesiumJS library has accumulated a million lines of source code and more than a million lifetime downloads. Its ecosystem now includes thousands of developers and millions of end-users.   

Patrick originally designed Cesium to visualize satellites in space while working as a Principal Graphics Architect at an aerospace software company. After raising $5M in Series A investment in 2019, Cesium is now its own private entity. A complete open platform for 3D geospatial data that includes optimization, visualization, curated data, and analytics, Cesium is making an impact across industry and government with applications for drones, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and more.   

A longtime champion of open source technology, Patrick created the Cesium WebGL engine and  3D Tiles, an OGC Community Standard for streaming massive heterogeneous 3D geospatial datasets. He is co-creator of glTF™, the open-standard 3D runtime asset format that has been adopted by Microsoft®, Google®, Oculus®, and NVIDIA®, among others. He is the former Chair of the Khronos 3D Formats Working Group. 

Patrick has authored, edited, or contributed to ten books on mapping, computer graphics, and games, including WebGL Insights and OpenGL Insights, and 3D Engine Design for Virtual Globes.   

He is active in the graphics and geospatial communities, frequently contributing to academic journals and presenting at conferences such as SIGGRAPH and GDC. In 2019, Patrick received the Khronos “Khronie” award for outstanding contributions to open standards. 

Patrick taught Computer Science for 8 years at the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned an MSE in computer science. 

Last updated on: June 26, 2024