Steve Gillotte

Reinventing Geospatial, Inc

Steve has overall responsibility for the experience and well-being of his team of RGi’ers. He is passionate about helping people understand and realize their personal potential, and firmly believes that we each have a responsibility to have an immediate impact on our country, community, profession, and self. 

Steve’s mission is to establish geospatial as the common language® across the Defense & Intelligence communities. In order to achieve enhanced situational awareness and understanding for decision makers, he works to identify how geospatial technologies articulate the spatial and temporal nature of all domains, including using geospatial technologies to communicate Cyber warfare effects across the battlespace. 

He is building a data science-centric firm. With the explosion of sensor data describing our world, it’s key to develop AI/ML algorithms that enable human-machine teaming, allowing humans to do what they’re good at (i.e., analysis, interpretation, and poetry), and machines to do what they’re good at (i.e., processing vast amounts of data quickly). 

When Steve is not traveling the world, he can typically be found: 

  • Outside cycling, sailing, skiing, camping, and hiking 
  • Mentoring start-ups and their founders through organizations like T-REX and Arch Grants 
  • Cooking in Southern Italian style, where the pasta is always hand-made and the secret ingredients are garlic, good wine, and more garlic 
  • Creating optimal office layouts that blur the lines of work and play 

Supporting educational programs at Virginia Tech, USGIF, the American Geographical Society, and throughout the community 

Steve graduated from Virginia Tech with a B.S. degree in Computer Science while also enjoying many other aspects of student life, such as refereeing soccer, and playing the tuba.