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Download the certification life cycle user guide for helpful information to guide you through the scheduling process.

Detailed information on policies and procedures, as well as resources and sample exam questions, is available for download in the USGIF Certified GEOINT Professional (CGP™) Candidate Handbook by filling out the form here.

Registration & Scheduling Process

There are 3 phases to the Certifior registration and scheduling process.

Phase 1
Candidates are prompted to create an account, select the appropriate exam(s), and confirm the registration summary.

Phase 2
Candidates must complete a series of requirements to indicate that the candidate meets program policies. Requirements include:

1. Read and accept the USGIF Certified GEOINT Professional (CGP™) Program Code of Ethics.
2. USGIF Individual Members only: Submit USGIF connect customer identification number OR email address associated with USGIF connect account.
3. Complete the demographics form.
4. Complete the age requirement confirmation.
5. Submit a PDF of High School Diploma or equivalent (e.g., GED). Note – college transcripts may be submitted as proof of high school graduation or equivalence.
6. Submit proper documentation that meets the requirements for Education, Training, and/or Work Experience.

Once all requirements have been submitted, USGIF will verify the documents. Candidates will receive an email confirmation once a requirement has been approved.

Phase 3
After all requirements have been approved, candidates will be prompted to submit a request to the Test Center of their choice for the date and time to take their exam(s), as well as submit payment.

Certification Fees

USGIF Individual Member Fees Non-Member Fees
Single Exam Fee
(CGP-G™, CGP-R™ or CGP-D™)
$395 $495
Bundle Pricing: Two Exams $592 $742
Bundle Pricing: All Three Exams $770 $965
Annual Certification Maintenance Fee $95 per year $95 per year
Re-Examination Fee (per CGP™ re-test) $225 $325

Organizational Pricing

The CGP™ Program also provides discounts to organizations seeking to provide certification testing opportunities for employees. Please email for additional information.

Exam Site Requirements

Candidates should arrive at the test center at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled examination time. Candidates must bring two forms of ID; one must be a government-issued photo ID (e.g., passport, driver’s license).

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USGIF has partnered with Assessment Systems and its Certifior platform, which provides both world-class software for testing and psychometrics for examinations. With testing centers all over the world and on-demand service, Certifior ensures you’re test-taking experience will be convenient for you.