Exam Preparation

Exams are delivered via Fast Test Web, a web-based, proctored administration at both domestic and international testing centers. Each certification exam is an 80-item test composed of multiple-choice questions of various types. Candidates will be given two (2) hours to complete the examination.

USGIF Universal GEOINT Certification Candidate Handbook

The USGIF Certified GEOINT Professional (CGP™) Candidate Handbook contains information on how you can apply for USGIF’s Certified GEOINT Professional (CGP™) Program. USGIF requires that all Certification applicants read this entire handbook. The purpose of this handbook is to provide you with important information about the policies and procedures for obtaining and maintaining the CGP™ Certification(s).

Download the Candidate Handbook by filling out the form here. If interested in the Essentials exam, please insure that you download the Essentials Handbook (only).

Universal GEOINT Essential Body of Knowledge (EBK)

The topics covered in each assessment are outlined in the GEOINT Essential Body of Knowledge (EBK). Understanding the competency areas and familiarity in application of the subtopics will be a good indicator of your ability to successfully pass one or more of the exams.

Certified GEOINT Professional Boot Camp

The Certified GEOINT Professional- GIS & Analysis Tools (CGP-G™) Boot Camp is an online course designed to ensure professionals understand key concepts found in the GIS and Analysis Tools Competency within the USGIF GEOINT Essential Body of Knowledge (EBK). Learn More

Sample Test Questions

The questions are intended to familiarize candidates with the type, format, and content of the questions that appear on the certification examinations. These sample questions will never appear in an operational CGP™ exam. These questions are NOT intended to be a diagnostic or self-assessment for success on the exams, nor are they predictive of success or failure on any certification exam. Candidates should consider opportunities to prepare for the examinations independent of these sample test questions.

Additional Study Resources

The certification examinations are not explicitly aligned with any preparation materials, and no specific training and/or education materials are required to prepare candidates for the examinations or guarantee success on the examinations. However, textbooks, courses, manuals, and/or other reference material aligned with the following topics may be helpful as candidates prepare themselves for the certification examinations.

GIS & Analysis Tools Remote Sensing & Imagery Analysis Geospatial Data Management
* Spatial Analysis
* Geostatistics
* Geography
* Remote Sensing
* Imagery Processing, Enhancement, and Transformation
* Imagery Classification
* Imagery Analysis
* Data Types & Structures
* Database Design and Database Management
* Data Security and Data Encryption
* Basic Programming & Development

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For questions or more information about the certification program, contact credential@usgif.org.