Test Results

The USGIF Certified GEOINT Professional (CGP™) Program uses the Criterion-Referenced Test Development process to determine the passing score for each certification exam. Candidates do not compete with each other; rather, candidates are deemed to “pass” or “not pass” the certification exam based on whether their exam score meets or exceeds the passing score.


Upon completing the exam, each candidate will immediately receive a preliminary exam score report that provides overall feedback as well as feedback on each topic area of the exam. In addition, the same form will be provided to candidates via electronic mail. This form does not constitute a final decision on certification conferral; rather this report simply represents the candidate’s performance on the examination.


The USGIF Certified GEOINT Professional (CGP™) Program Management Office (PMO) will formally confer certifications on a periodic basis to candidates who have met all of the certification requirements. Candidates may not use CGP™ designation(s) until they have been formally conferred the certification.


Candidates who do not pass the examination on the first try must wait 90 calendar days before testing again. Candidates may take a single CGP™ examination not more than twice in a twelve (12) month period.


Appealable decisions are limited to the following:

  • Denial of eligibility for certification
  • Denial of certification
  • Denial of renewal/maintenance
  • Certification Revocation

Regarding assessments and assessment-related issues, appeals may be filed regarding the following:

  • Examination results
  • Candidate registration
  • Test-taking protocols

Full details on the appeals process, panel and decisions can be found by downloading the USGIF Certified GEOINT Professional (CGP™) Candidate Handbook by filling out the form here.
If interested in the Essentials exam, please insure that you download the Essentials Handbook (only).

Use of Program Credentials

Once certificants receive written confirmation from USGIF regarding their certification conferral, they may use the appropriate mark after their name.

  • Certified GEOINT Professional- Essentials (CGP-E™)
  • Certified GEOINT Professional- GIS & Analysis Tools (CGP-G™)
  • Certified GEOINT Professional- Remote Sensing & Imagery Analysis (CGP-R™)
  • Certified GEOINT Professional- Geospatial Data Management (CGP-D™)

Full details on what happens after taking an exam can be found by downloading the USGIF Certified GEOINT Professional (CGP™) Candidate Handbook by filling out the form here.

Pilot Testing Statistics

Click here for USGIF’s Certified GEOINT Professional Program – Pilot Testing


For questions or more information about the certification program, contact credential@usgif.org.