NGA Advisory Working Group (NAWG)

The NAWG will bring industry and academia together to advise, recommend, and promote actionable ideas to improve NGA’s acquisition processes. NAWG charter goals include assessing procurement practices and furthering the agency mission and industry health as well as drive a more efficient procurement culture between NGA and industry.

Co-Chairs: Fredrick Turman and Renard Paulin

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Monthly Meetings

Tuesday, July 7, 3-5 pm EDT

Past Meeting Information

June 2, 2020

Joint NIAWG and NAWG June Meeting Notes

May 5, 2020

Meeting Notes

Apr. 7, 2020

Meeting Notes

Reverse Industry Day -Nov. 19, 2018

NGA & USGIF’s NGA Advisory Working Group (NAWG) hosted an unclassified Reverse Industry Day event on Monday, Nov. 19. The Reverse Industry Day is a continuing engagement with USGIF to provide NGA government employees a unique opportunity to engage the industrial base to foster procurement and acquisition culture through bilateral discussions.Participation in this event requires USGIF individual or organizational membership.

The program will start with a keynote speaker from industry whose 30 minute presentation will address the challenges of organizational transformation in today’s world. Following the keynote, the program includes two panels. The first panel will discuss how industry matches investment to government needs and requirements and the second will provide insight into how industry decides what opportunities to bid. The program will conclude with a government speaker of note that will tie together the findings discussed within the keynote, panels, and any informal discussions during question and answer periods.

Aug. 7, 2018

Meeting Notes

June 5, 2018

Meeting Notes

Industry List of ‘Top 10’ Topics & Issues

May 1, 2018

Meeting Notes

April 3, 2018

Meeting Notes

March 1, 2018

Meeting Notes

About the Working Group

The NAWG will provide a collaborative, vendor/integrator-agnostic venue that is strategic and objective. It will offer options and tradeoffs as well as emphasize speed and pragmatism. The group will periodically schedule out-briefings with NGA. U.S. government participation is encouraged for the initial meeting. However, government personnel will not participate in drafting briefings but rather will be asked to act as observers, provide feedback, and be available to receive out-briefings.

USGIF will serve as the convening organization for this effort and will contribute meeting space, logistics support, and communications channels. To achieve success, the working group requires consistent participation from USGIF Members. Participants are expected to bring best practices, lead discussions, and conduct follow-up reporting. Participation is voluntary and uncompensated. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the current and future procurement environment within NGA and the U.S. government.

NAWG Charter

NAWG Goals & Objectives

NAWG Template

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