St. Louis Area Working Group

USGIF established the St. Louis Area Working Group (SLAWG) to bring together professionals from the government (both NGA and local), military, industry, academia and community to create lasting educational and community pathways to geospatial degrees, certifications and/or careers in the St. Louis Region.

The working group will work to support or build new geospatial centric pipelines that integrate and amplify existing NGA efforts designed to educate and train individuals from the greater St. Louis area and surrounding region. The end goal of this work is to grow and sustain a populace within St. Louis and surrounding regions that possess the necessary geospatial skillsets to qualify for and fill existing and future NGA or Industry technical, analytic and management careers.

Co-Chairs: Justin Bennett, Andy Dearing, Tara Mott, and Sekhar Prabhakar

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Upcoming Monthly Meetings

The SLAWG typically holds monthly meetings on the last Wednesday of the month.

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