Technical Committee

The Technical Committee identifies emerging trends and serves as a collection point for community needs, developing technical aspects of the tradecraft to demonstrate true interoperability from common community standards. Within this committee are the Tradecraft Development Subcommittee, Interoperability Outreach Subcommittee and Emerging Technologies Subcommittee.

Committee Contacts:
Robert Mott and Barry Barlow

Interoperability Outreach Subcommittee

The Interoperability Outreach Subcommittee identifies technologies that are furthering the community. It is responsible for developing the Interop Demo and participants well known to attendees of GEOINT, Tech Days and GEOINT Community Week. In addition, the subcommittee responds to other requests and identifies opportunities for USGIF to provide demonstrations of the power of geospatial intelligence. To learn more about the Interoperability Outreach Subcommittee, please contact co-chairs Pete Pflugrath and Teri Dempsey at

Emerging Technologies Subcommittee

The Emerging Technologies Subcommittee (ETS) develops and implements a method for USGIF to identify and track new technologies that can potentially play a role in addressing needs for geospatial intelligence. The subcommittee serves as a collection point for assembling needs identified by the community at large and provides insight regarding gaps between geospatial intelligence needs and existing capabilities. The ETS showcases technologies that fill these gaps wherever it can. To learn more about the Technology Demonstration Subcommittee, please contact co-chairs Shawnice Hawthorne and Chris Powell

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