State And Future of GEOINT Report

The annual State and Future of GEOINT Report is a collection of articles intended for use by all GEOINT practitioners. This unclassified document contains a series of concise descriptions of problems, achievements, and emerging issues and technologies as a guide to better understand the global GEOINT mission — whether you work in the public, commercial, federal, civilian, defense, intelligence, or national security space.

Article topics are discussed and drafted by groups of volunteer authors. All members of the broad GEOINT Community to include industry, academia, and government, are welcomed and encouraged to participate and write for the report.

You can download the reports below.

2020 State and Future of GEOINT Report

The 2020 State and Future of GEOINT Report offers insights about the state and potential of our community and its tradecraft; through the lens of people, process, technology, and data. This year’s report demonstrates the power of collaboration across academia, industry, and government to make informed statements about the possible. The article topics discussed in the 2020 report are drafted by groups of volunteer authors.

Download the entire report here.


2019 State and Future of GEOINT Report

USGIF’s 2019 State and Future of GEOINT Report illustrates forward-looking trends in the GEOINT Community such as machine learning and AI, mixed reality, open-source software, and much more. It also explores GEOINT’s role in adjacent industries and causes such as economics, nonproliferation, and infrastructure.

This was the first time USGIF sourced the articles in its report entirely from a virtual call for abstracts. The response was overwhelming, leading to the largest number of articles ever published in one year—21. We hope you enjoy reading this valuable community resource and share it with your colleagues.

Download the entire report here.

2018 State and Future of GEOINT Report

The 2018 State and Future of GEOINT Report illustrates the trends in the GEOINT Community, reflects the continuing GEOINT Revolution, and in some ways predicts what we might expect to be talking about in future editions of this report.

This year in addition to in-person content exchanges, USGIF announced a call for submissions and accepted virtual teams collaborating on papers. The response was overwhelming and led to additional content being included in the downloadable PDF version that could not fit in the printed version. Additionally, USGIF enlisted the help of its subject matter experts in industry, academia, and government to provide collegial reviews of each and every article, similar to a peer-reviewed process. We hope you enjoy and share the 2018 State and Future of GEOINT Report.

2017 State and Future of GEOINT Report

In 2017, USGIF changed the name of the State of GEOINT Report to “The State and Future of GEOINT,” which more accurately reflects the content received from our authors and provides the global GEOINT Community with a continuing forum for future casting. The 2017 report was developed following four State and Future of GEOINT Content Exchanges that occurred in Fairfax, Va.; St. Louis, Mo.; and Denver, Colo. The report explores a wide range of topics, including deep learning, analytics-as-a-service, training and education, small sats, UAVs, the GEOINT of Things, and much more.

We hope you enjoy The State and Future of GEOINT 2017 report, and that like its predecessors, the document fosters thought and discussion throughout the broad GEOINT Community. Download the full report here.

2016 State of GEOINT Report

USGIF held a 2016 State of GEOINT Content Exchange in October 2015 at USGIF Headquarters in Herndon, VA, and followed up with a December Thinker’s Dinner to discuss the proposed articles and content for the report. The final report features more than 50 contributing authors representing almost 40 organizations.

A strong addition to this year’s publication is the graphic facilitation provided by the OGSystems Visioneering team. The Visoneers not only created an accompanying graphic on page 4 that incorporates the main themes found in each of the following articles but also provided graphic facilitation during the Thinker’s Dinner in December. We thank them and all of our Members for their work in producing this year’s report.

We hope you enjoy reading the articles and examining the artwork found in the 2016 State of GEOINT Report.

2015 State of GEOINT Report

What is the current “State of GEOINT” and what waits on the horizon? The answers are essential for professional agility in an era of accelerated GEOINT innovation. USGIF presents the 2015 State of GEOINT Report to help answer these questions and support GEOINT Community interests and professional requirements.

This inaugural report began with a diverse gathering of more than 50 geospatial intelligence practitioners Oct. 7, 2014, at the Hyatt Dulles in Herndon, Va. Participants were from academia, U.S. government, and large and small businesses.

Participants were asked to think through a series of open-ended exercises and define which GEOINT topics, concepts, and challenges they considered “hot,” “not,” and “on the horizon.” USGIF asked attendees to continue the dialogue by writing short essays to capture the essence of their discussions. These essays form the basis of the 2015 State of GEOINT report.

Read the report here.