USGIF Educational Structure

Mission: To ensure USGIF’s accredited academic programs and the educational and research products of our Academic Partners lead the world in preparing professionals for careers in geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) and related fields.

About the Structure

USGIF’s Academic Advisory Board (AAB) and Academic Planning Committee (APC) support USGIF’s Director of Academic Programs. The separate board and committee structure ensures USGIF’s accredited undergraduate and graduate academic programs are growing, recognized, forward-looking, and achieving a standard of excellence in the GEOINT field. Using USGIF’s Essential Body of Knowledge (EBK) as a baseline, USGIF’s Academic Programs are built upon the core theoretical knowledge that underpins real-world applications and research challenges.

Academic Advisory Board

AAB’s role is to provide foresight, oversight, and insight and help the Director of Academic Programs steer USGIF and the GEOINT educational community towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, professional and innovative approaches. Learn more about the Academic Advisory Board and its members.

Academic Planning Committee

APC’s role is to assist the Director of Academic Programs in the areas of GEOINT accreditation, teaching, and research. Learn more about the Academic Planning Committee and its members.

In particular, the APC:

  • Renders recommendations to accredit new academic partners and reaccredit previously accredited schools.
  • Assists with the establishment of standards for teaching and learning in GEOINT in coordination with other USGIF committees and working groups (e.g., the USGIF Tradecraft and Professional Development committee).
  • Helps to develop and enhance professional growth across the spectrum of geospatial intelligence-related academic and scientific activities.
  • Assists the Director of Academic Programs to plan annual events to disseminate and share GEOINT research and pedagogy/andragogy.

Educational Structure Chart

For questions about the AAB or APC, please contact USGIF Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Camelia Kantor at