USGIF Academic Advisory Board

About AAB

The Academic Advisory Board (AAB) serves a growing presence within the GEOINT Community and beyond, shaping academic forums and events. AAB’s role is to provide foresight, oversight, and insight and help the Director of Academic Programs steer USGIF and the GEOINT educational community towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, professional and innovative approaches.

The AAB provides links to the national and international GEOINT research, educational, and practitioner communities in government, industry, and academia. While the primary focus is GEOINT, the AAB recognizes the importance of educational innovation in implementing GEOINT-related concepts and associated critical thinking nationally and internationally throughout the government, public, private, and educational sectors. This ensures a ready and agile professional GEOINT Community is able to effectively evolve in response to changing capabilities, sources, methods, and requirements.

AAB Members

  • Dr. Todd S. Bacastow, Penn State University
  • Dr. Budhendra Bhaduri, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • David DiBiase
  • Dr. Steve Fleming, University of Southern California (APC current chair)
  • Stephen Gillotte, Reinventing Geospatial Inc.
  • Dr. Daniel W. Goldberg, Texas A&M
  • Dr. Christina Hupy
  • Dr. Shawn Kalis, Riverside Research
  • Dr. Colleen McCue, CACI
  • Dr. David Messinger, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Sherry Olson, Mitre
  • Paul M. Young, U.S. Geological Survey

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