USGIF Portable Planet

What is Portable Planet?

Portable Planet is a 35-by-26-foot vinyl map designed for children and teachers to walk on, explore its many features, and complete geography and geospatial activities on. Portable Planet is produced and owned by USGIF, and is rented out to schools as an educational tool in assisting with curriculum in geography. Additionally, USGIF created cross-disciplinary, hands-on activities for educators to conduct on the map.


Fast Facts about Portable Planet:

  • It is a physical map of North America, to include two smaller maps of Alaska and Hawaii
  • The map teaches lessons in geography, mapping, the basics of geospatial intelligence (GEOINT), critical thinking, spatial analysis, teamwork, and more
  • No shoes or writing utensils are allowed on the map
  • Other questions can be answered in our FAQs document.

Rental Pricing

USGIF Organizational Members

  • Free for first week
  • Shipping and handling: estimated $200-$500
  • $200 for each additional week

USGIF Non-Members

  • $500 for first week
  • Shipping and handling included in rental
  • $200 for each additional week

Adopt a School Program – Funding for a Map Rental

For schools seeking funding for a map rental, USGIF has an “Adopt a School” Program. By adding your school’s name to our list, an available USGIF Organizational Member can cover the rental of the map for your school. To be added to the Adopt a School list, contact Christine Mackrell at

If you are an organization looking to rent a map for a school and do not have a particular school in mind, please contact to get a list of schools in need.


Have questions about Portable Planet? Take a look at our FAQs to learn more about the map, renting, and how to handle the map. DOWNLOAD FAQs.

For questions or other inquiries not found in the Portable Planet FAQs, please contact Christine Mackrell at