Priority Points

To view the priority point re-baseline as of July 1, 2018, please click here.

The United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) utilizes a priority point system to determine the order of selection for booth space, sponsorships, and advertising at its events. The system was developed in an effort to be as equitable as possible to all organizations and to reward those organizations that have provided the most significant financial support to USGIF. The point system is an ongoing calculation. The point totals began with initial membership of the Foundation and will continue indefinitely. USGIF will maintain the master list of priority points and will make them available to any organization at any time.

Priority points are currently earned by supporting the GEOINT Symposium, GEOINT Community Week, Ground Warfighter Geospatial Intelligence Conference (GGC), GEOINT Community Career Fair, USGIF Tech Days, USGIF Workshop Series Events, sponsorship of holes at USGIF hosted golf tournaments, advertising in trajectory magazine (print or online), or via a USGIF membership. As new events are created that offer sponsorship/ exhibiting opportunities, they will be incorporated into the priority point system. Points earned throughout the year will be tallied on July 1 of each year, which allows organizations to benefit from the previous year’s investment.

A break down of the priority point system is listed below.


The current priority point system is applied to all events and opportunities throughout the year. The process allows for the top organization to select their exhibit space, up to 2 sponsorships, meeting rooms and advertising opportunities before moving to the next organization in the priority point sequence. The second organization then gets to make its selections (up to 2 sponsorships) before the next organization in line is allowed to select. When everyone on the priority point list has had the opportunity to select 2 sponsorships, the sponsorship opportunities are then offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Charter Membership Points

The first 45 members of USGIF gained points based on their initial date of membership. The first 3 organizations that joined USGIF received 15 points. The next 3 organizations that joined received 14 points. The next 3 organizations received 13 points etc.

Membership Level Points

Member organizations receive points based on their level of membership. Individual members do not receive priority points.

Membership Anniversary Points

Members of USGIF will gain one point per year of continuous membership. These points will be added at each 5 year interval of membership. (5 year, 10 year etc.)

Membership Upgrades

In the event that a USGIF member upgrades to a higher level, the old points for membership level are removed, and their points for membership level increase to the new, higher level of membership. Any charter membership points are retained.

GEOINT Symposium Points

Organizations can gain points at the GEOINT Symposium by exhibiting, sponsoring, advertising, buying a meeting room or by participating in the hospitality night.

Exhibiting Points: Organizations that exhibit will receive 10 points for exhibiting plus 1 point for each 100 sq. ft of exhibit space. Several examples are listed below:

Company A 10 × 10 (100 sq. ft.) Booth receives 11 points
Company B 20 × 20 (400 sq. ft.) Booth receives 14 points

Sponsorship/Advertising/Meeting Room Points: Organizations receive a ½ point for each $1,000 of sponsorship/advertising/meeting room rental money spent. Examples are listed below:

Organization A spends $25,000 on sponsorship/advertising/meeting rooms Receives 12.5 points
Organization B spends $1,500 on sponsorship/advertising/meeting rooms Receives .75 points
Organization C spends $500 on sponsorship/advertising/meeting rooms Receives .25 points

Hospitality Night Sponsor – Organizations that sponsor a portion of the hospitality night receive ½ point per $1,000 spent on sponsorship with a maximum of 25 points allowed.

USGIF Tech Days Points

Tech Days is a member only event. Organizations can gain points at the USGIF Tech Days by exhibiting, purchasing dinner tables for the GEOGala or sponsoring.

Exhibiting Points – Organizations that exhibit will receive ½ point per $1,000 spent on exhibiting. For example, an organization that spends $8,000 on exhibit space will receive 4 points.

GEOGala Dinner Table Points – Organizations that purchase dinner tables will receive ½ point per $1,000 spent on dinner tables. For example, an organization that spends $5,000 on GEOGala dinner tables will receive 2.5 points.

Sponsorship Points – Organizations that sponsor an event (i.e. GEOGala, Breakfast, Lunch, etc.) receive ½ point per $1,000 spent PLUS 3 points for being a sponsor. For example, an organization that sponsors the GEOGala for $35,000 will receive 17.5 points (based on dollars spent) and an additional 3 points for being a sponsor. In this scenario, the total points earned are 20.5.

USGIF Workshop Series Points

Organizations that sponsor a Workshop Series event will receive ½ point per $1,000 spent. Additionally, if a member organization’s facilities are utilized for the workshop, they will receive the same number of points that the sponsoring organizations receive.

USGIF Invitational and Allder Golf Classic Points

Organizations that either sponsor the tournament, specific sponsorships or hole co-sponsorships will receive ½ point per $1,000 spent.

GEOINT Community Career Fair

Organizations that sponsor a table during the GEOINT Community Career Fair will receive ½ point per $1,000 spent.

trajectory – USGIF’s Official Publication

Organizations that advertise in trajectory, USGIF’s Official Publication, will receive ½ point per $1,000 spent. This applies to print, web, e-newsletter, and tablet app advertising.


Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, etc are all handled in a consistent fashion, giving benefit to each organization’s longevity, charter status, membership level, and financial support so as to recognize the individual and collective contributions.

If you have specific questions about priority points, please contact Jeff Ley at 703-793-0109, ext. 102 or at