We Are the New Renaissance

We Are the New Renaissance

This summit will explore alternative futures scenarios; discuss transformations in geospatial education, research, and professional development; identify challenges and shortcomings as well as successful examples shared by stakeholders; and propose solutions to generational shifts.

Leonardo da Vinci said: “The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.” As we are digging deeper to understand things, we will evolve together and accelerate progress. We Are the New Renaissance!

The Summit brings together academic, government, and industry experts to discuss and dig deeper into:

  • Successful strategies for achieving wisdom as a combination of experience and education, and thought leadership;
  • Journeys through self and professional discovery;
  • Communications of new ideas, reinvention, and resilience;
  • Opportunities for mentorship, careers, collaborative work, and professional growth;
  • Meta-disciplinary and cross-community connections.

And collaborate to identify:

  • Solutions to community response, recovery, and redirection of work in a post pandemic future
  • Shortcomings and opportunities for improvement
  • Modular, flexible and interdisciplinary curricula for credential programs to drive advancement in the tradecraft
  • New strategies for workforce development and management of fully virtual or hybrid working environments to embrace knowledge, skills and working habits required for human-machine teaming

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