About EZGovOpps

EZGovOpps Market Intelligence has the tagline of the “Affordable Force”, which depicts exactly our role in the Market Intelligence arena, leveraging market intelligence has never been more important in gaining the upper hand. EZGovOpps mission is to share through proven analytics, statistics, innovative gathered intelligence, a software as a service that is designed on affordability and never short on the resources needed by not only large government contractors but small business as well. Market intelligence is absolutely essential for ANY contractor not just “compete” but to “win” contracts. Experienced contractors interested in the federal government dollars understand the importance of a market intelligence tool and the competitive advantage it can provide for them and their entire team.

USGIF Membership Benefit

Each and every one of the top 100 prime contractors utilize market intelligence to provide them the competitive advantage. Many of the top primes in fact, utilize multiple platforms. Whether teaming is a BD focus or identifying opportunities with extreme forecasting analysis, the utilization of a market intelligence tool provides the only means for this intelligence.

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