NGA MagQuest Challenge Deadline May 16

NGA MagQuest Challenge Deadline May 16

May 7, 2019

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) launched MagQuest, a $1.2 million global open innovation challenge. NGA calls upon solvers to submit novel approaches to geomagnetic data collection for the World Magnetic Model (WMM).

This open innovation challenge is designed to attract new ideas to increase the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of geomagnetic data collection. With MagQuest, NGA aims to inspire domestic and international solvers to apply their expertise to spaceborne, aerial, terrestrial, and other potential solution areas. Solvers from small businesses, academic institutions, labs, startups, and other organizations are encouraged to enter the competition.

Up to 10 Phase 1 winners will be selected by the independent judging panel according to the Phase 1 selection criteria. The total Phase 1 prize pool of $200,000 will be distributed evenly across Phase 1 winners.

Learn more and sign up to participate. The deadline to submit a concept is by May 16.


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