Thank you for joining USGIF on Jan. 10 for GEOINTeraction Tuesday

Thank you for joining USGIF on Jan. 10 for GEOINTeraction Tuesday

January 17, 2012

GEOINTeraction Tuesday
January 10 2012
4:30 – 6:30 p.m.

photos from the event

January 12 marked the first GEOINTeraction Tuesday event of 2012. Kicking off this year’s events was Lisa Spuria, Director, Analysis & Production Directorate, NGA. Speaking to a crowd of over 70, Spuria spoke about the benefits of NGA Campus East and what she is looking for from industry partnerships. Spuria’s discussion began with the how NGA Campus East has changed the agency’s culture. Due to more face-to-face interaction, the organization has transformed, set up in various neighborhoods with open working environments in hopes of positioning itself for the 21st century workforce. The new campus has also been essential in crisis management, allowing NGA to consolidate its 24-hour operations into one building. As a direct result of the consolidated campus, Director Long’s vision of putting online/on-demand technologies into the hands of end users has accelerated. Another impact from the campus’ Spuria spoke about was the agency’s recent construction of Integrated Work Groups (IWG). The IWGs were created to accelerate the vision by bringing together teams of experts in the same space to solve various issues in a more effective manner. Concluding her speech, Spuria spoke to industry on her directorate’s challenge with data management and how she hopes this can be improved upon to help analysts do their jobs more efficiently. Following her discussion, Spuria took questions from the audience, even staying well after her talk had ended to speak one-on-one with attendees. Questions about changes to the NGA West Campus, hiring within the agency, overwhelming use of open source intelligence, and what she is looking for in her directorate to make the vision a reality were asked. The next GEOINTeraction Tuesday takes place on March 13.

Ms. Spuria has more than twenty-five years of experience as an Intelligence
Community Officer, beginning her career as an Imagery Analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency in 1982. Her analytic career focused on imagery analysis of Soviet ground and mobile missile forces. She led several in-depth research efforts and managed a number of imagery analysis branches. Her NGA assignments have included Deputy Chief of the NIMA Operations Center at the Pentagon; Chief of the Middle East Africa Center within the Geospatial Information Office; Director of the National Geospatial Intelligence Warning Center; Deputy Director of the GeoScout Program Office in the Acquisition Directorate; Group Chief for Functional Operations within the Analysis & Production Directorate; Deputy Director of the Office of Geospatial Intelligence Management; Deputy Chief Operating Officer; Deputy Director of the Analysis & Production Directorate, and, most recently, as the Chief Operating Officer.


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