NOVA IMS Master's Degree Receives Third Party Accreditation

NOVA IMS Master's Degree Receives Third Party Accreditation

November 1, 2017

The NOVA Information Management School (IMS) at the Universidade Nova de Lisbon recently achieved accreditation by the Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (A3ES) for its master’s degree in science and geographical information systems. A3ES is a private, third party accreditation body in Portugal. NOVA IMS received a six-year accreditation for its online master’s degree program in geographic information systems and science.

“This accreditation was very relevant for NOVA IMS,” said Dr. Marco Painho, NOVA IMS program coordinator. "Not only did we receive a lot of positive feedback from the external evaluation committee, but we were also the first online degree to be accredited by A3ES. This accreditation adds up to the the many achievements of this program since 2001 when it was first delivered.”

NOVA IMS became accredited by USGIF in 2016 and is the first non-U.S. school to receive USGIF academic accreditation. Students achieving the master’s degree are also eligible to earn USGIF’s GEOINT Certificate through the Foundation’s Collegiate Accreditation Program.


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