USGIF 2022 Sponsorship Guide

Innovative Tradecraft Competition Round 1

Mar. 16

USGIF and OGC bring you the third annual Innovative Tradecraft Competition, an opportunity for USGIF and OGC members to demonstrate innovative GEOINT solutions addressing mission problems through visualization, discovering needles in needle stacks, data sharing, and interoperability. This year, we’d like to see how our community might tackle seemingly intractable problems leveraging GEOINT. Solving problems like deep fakes, cyber threats, climate change, space junk, and social unrest may seem daunting, but the power of GEOINT may be the foundation to make progress against these daunting challenges. Whether you choose to address one of those problems, or tackle a different intractable problem, we’d love to see what our community can offer as a way to get started on a solution or a mitigation.

Competition Registration:  $1,200

  • Entry date and time determine the order of presentations for the first round—first in, last to brief
  • Entries include admission for the presenter and up to three guests to attend the first round of the competition
  • USGIF will accept up to 20 entries on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Event exclusively open to members of USGIF or OGC
  • Entrants have one briefer present their solution for a maximum of five minutes—slides or video formats accepted
  • Four finalists will present in person on the Main Stage at the GEOINT 2022 Symposium and receive one free entry to the Symposium
  • Finalists will be featured in a article focused on the competition
  • Grand prize winner will be selected by audience vote at GEOINT 2022
  • Grand prize includes a full-length article on website, a feature in an OGC blog post, and the opportunity to present at an upcoming OGC member meeting
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