GEOINT Anthology

Why GEOINT Anthology?

We are the leaders in geospatial intelligence, offering flexible open access GEOINT curriculum and learning resources developed in partnership with subject matter experts from our community, technology-agnostic and technology-focused training, performance-based assessments & reporting, and K-12 resources designed to build the skills needed to address national security challenges.


Providing free access to GEOINT expertise

USGIF seeks to accomplish the vision of increasing, diversifying, and providing equitable access to quality learning among the geospatial technology workforce. At USGIF, we have come to realize there is currently a lack of open access GEOINT educational materials to serve teachers of GEOINT at community colleges and universities. The same lack of resources is encountered by self-learners who cannot afford formal education.

Through partnerships we have engaged GEOINT experts from academia and industry who worked alongside curriculum designers to develop valuable GEOINT resources. These resources will provide learners with standardized geospatial intelligence and technology curricula. Through filling this gap, USGIF will help reduce access boundaries and expand and diversify the geospatial intelligence & technology workforce, equipping them with relevant and industry-defined skills.

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Open Access Learning

To download the open access learning modules, please log in or create a free account. No trial period or hidden costs. All content is available at no cost and can be downloaded in editable formats. Content developed based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant DUE ATE 1304591.

  • Introduction to Geospatial Intelligence
  • Essentials of Data Visualization
  • Foundational Data Science
Important note for first-time users:

A free USGIF account is required to access the learning resources. Please save your username and password — you must be logged in to download materials.


Open-Source Geospatial Compendium

The Compendium of Open-Source Data and Tools for Geospatial Problem-Solving is a collection of open data sources contributed by the GEOINT community to supplement and complement existing data and to improve data-based decision-making. We are looking for contributions of high-value datasets that can be freely shared, re-used, and re-distributed.

Program Features

The Anthology has a number of benefits designed to help teachers of GEOINT, current students, and entry-level or experienced practitioners reach their academic and career potential and/or keep up to date on new technologies.