USGIF K-12 Educational Outreach

USGIF’s goal for K-12 students is to foster general awareness of GEOINT and the role it plays in their everyday lives, as well as the myriad career opportunities the field offers.

Resources for K-12 Students

USGIF’s K-12 educational program’s goal is to sustain and enhance current high school level educational opportunities by fostering general awareness of GEOINT, designing curriculum, and supporting a Path to Industry Certification through the USGIF High School Industry Geospatial Intelligence Credentialing Program.

This initiative encourages high school students to work toward a geospatial intelligence industry credential while pursuing a high school diploma. USGIF further supports this goal by providing yearly high school scholarships, mentorship, and subject matter expertise.

Interested school districts, educational non-profit organizations, or individual schools (including charter schools) should reach out to for a detailed overview of this program.

In addition, USGIF is also providing resources and opportunities for K-9 teaching of GEOINT via classroom resources, the USGIF Portable Planet, events, and the K-12 Open Source Educational Resource Library.


Rent USGIF’s Portable Planet – Unavailable at this time due to COVID-19

Portable Planet is a 35-by-26-foot vinyl map designed for children and teachers to walk on, explore its many features, and complete geography and geospatial activities on.

Rent Portable Planet from USGIF as an educational tool in assisting with your curriculum, or use the USGIF-created cross-disciplinary, hands-on activities.

Learn more about Portable Planet

Bring Intro to GEOINT to a Local School

Give back by helping edGEOcate our future leaders! When you volunteer at local schools and present the materials provided by USGIF, you’ll provide an overview of GEOINT—geography, maps, satellites, imagery, remote sensing, GIS, and careers – to students 5-8. The presentation takes 45 minutes to one hour and is highly interactive with games, Q&A, stories, videos, and much more.

If you’re interested in presenting Intro to GEOINT at your local school, please contact


GEOConnect Series K-12 Virtual Lessons

With more children learning from home than ever before, USGIF is continuing its commitment to K-12 education by offering virtual resources for students to learn about geospatial intelligence and other geographic concepts.

Because we know how hard it is to divide your time between working remotely and teaching your kids, we have provided voiceovers for teaching the lessons. There are corresponding activity sheets to go along with the lessons, as well as scripts if you would like to follow along. We will continue to develop such resources with help from our committed volunteers.


Grades K-5
Introduction to Mapping

LessonActivity SheetScript

Introduction to Satellites


Grades 6-8
Introduction to Mapping


Introduction to Satellites

LessonActivity SheetScript

All lessons are hosted in Prezi.