The Future of the Tradecraft

USGIF supports geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) education through its Academic Programs, which include the USGIF Accreditation Program, the annual Scholarship Program, and a K-12 Program.

Academic Programs

USGIF supports GEOINT education through Academic Programs starting with K-12 geospatial literacy and awareness activities, leading into a high school industry GEOINT credential, collegiate certificate, and degrees, and culminating with bridging the gap between education and professional development via an entry-level certification, the CGP-Essentials.

USGIF leads and guides flexible and innovative GEOINT career pathways. Each educational element within these interconnected while independent pathways was created to support lifelong learning in the skills and competencies associated with USGIF’s GEOINT Essential Body of Knowledge (EBK) curriculum framework.

USGIF Publishes GEOINT Essential Body of Knowledge (EBK) 3.0 

Version 3.0 of this community resource demystifies the discipline and reflects 2024 learning objectives and priorities 

EBK Cover

USGIF Scholarship Program

To further the advancement of the geospatial tradecraft, USGIF is dedicated to assist promising students studying GEOINT, geospatial sciences, and related fields. The annual USGIF Scholarship Program recognizes the achievements of graduating high school seniors, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students.

USGIF has awarded more than $1.7 million in scholarships since launching the program in 2004.


USGIF GEOINT Certificate and Degree Programs

USGIF’s accreditation of collegiate Geospatial Intelligence Certificate and Degree Programs awards colleges and universities the ability to offer students GEOINT certificates accompanying an undergraduate college degree, independent, stand-alone graduate certificates, and/or full undergraduate or graduate degrees. The program benefits the students, colleges, universities, industry, government, and the GEOINT Community at large, by ensuring current hiring needs are reflected in cross-disciplinary classroom coursework.

A USGIF GEOINT Credential proves to hiring organizations that the holder has the needed foundational knowledge and technical skills as well as critical thinking, reporting and synthesis abilities to successfully contribute to the GEOINT Community.

Check out our list of accredited schools and the programs they offer

Interested in having your geospatial program accredited by USGIF?

Colleges and universities must apply and meet the guidelines and standards in order to have undergraduate and/or graduate programs accredited.

Download the USGIF Accreditation Guidelines – Policies & Procedures and Standards & Criteria to learn how to accredit your college/university.


USGIF K-12 Educational Outreach

USGIF’s K-12 educational program’s goal is to sustain and enhance current high school level educational opportunities by fostering general awareness of GEOINT, designing curriculum, and supporting a Path to Industry Certification through the USGIF High School Industry Geospatial Intelligence Credentialing.

In addition, USGIF is also providing resources and opportunities for K-9 teaching of GEOINT via classroom resources, the USGIF Portable Planet, and events.

USGIF offers many K-12 resources including our portable planet map, prepared Intro to GEOINT presentation, and virtual lessons.