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Women as Leaders Breakfast Series in St. Louis

USGIF is pleased to present the return of this popular three-part workshop on understanding the challenges and barriers that women leaders face, this year in St. Louis.

April 9 | July 24 | September 11
8:00 am CT

Greater St. Louis, Inc.
One Metropolitan Square, Suite 2200, 211 North Broadway
St. Louis, MO 63102

While leadership is key to organizational success, women are not always equally represented. Women tend to rise to middle management and then experience being promoted slowly, with even fewer women representing on boards and as members of the C-suite. Women receive 57% of all higher education degrees. We look to examine and discuss that disconnect.

In order for institutional change and equal representation to occur in the workplace, education and action need to be taken at all levels and by everyone throughout the workplace. By understanding the challenges and barriers that women leaders face, women and men can begin to chip away at how to solve this complex issue and make strides toward lasting change.

About the Facilitators: 

Susan Apgood and Anjali Varma are DEI advisors who specialize in women’s leadership and gender equality. They provide corporate training workshops as well as consulting services to elevate women leaders, increase awareness of gender equality, and create a more inclusive work environment. They are also professors at American University Kogod School of Business, where they developed and instruct the award-winning course Women In Organization Leadership. Both are entrepreneurs, seasoned marketers, and business coaches who specialize in women’s leadership.