Ichesia Veal

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Analysis Modeling Orchestrator

Ichesia Veal is the Analysis Modeling Orchestrator at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency where she develops and drives Modeling strategic intent for Analysis.

In Ms. Veal’s’ previous position, she served as the Chief of the Commercial GEOINT Discovery Division within the Source Directorate’s Commercial and Business Operations Group.  In this role she led market research and discovery efforts of emerging and innovative commercial GEOINT solutions.

Ms. Veal has served NGA in multiple capacities over more than a decade, as a program performance officer conducting resource management assessments, as a technical advisor for commercial GEOINT capability assessments and an analytical production lead.  Additionally, for more than six years, Ms. Veal served as a spectral imagery scientist in NGA’s Analysis Directorate.  In this role she exploited, modeled and analyzed remote sensing data.

Prior to working for NGA, Ms. Veal worked at the National Ground Intelligence Center as a spectral signature analyst.

Ms. Veal holds both a master’s degree in materials science and a bachelor’s degree in physics from Norfolk State University.

Ms. Veal lives in northern Virginia with her husband and children.

Last updated on: October 12, 2023