Mark Knapp

Earthcube Inc.
Vice President of Defense & Intelligence Programs

Mark Knapp holds extensive experience in the earth observation industry since 2000 and has managed programs that created new demand for ground-breaking capabilities in the commercial and public sectors. He has pioneered complex projects from strategic planning to completion including collaborations in the United States and overseas. Knapp is a noted expert in space sensor phenomenologies such as spectral imagery and synthetic aperture radar, and has overseen teams implementing go-to-market strategies for space technologies. Previously tasked to spur interest in earth observation data at organizations as diverse as Fortune 500 companies, the World Bank, and United Nations, Knapp has led development of processing algorithms and machine learning workflows that accelerated adoption of satellite imagery solutions. His exceptional credentials include solving operational issues by developing and implementing engagement programs that foster open exchanges of information.

Last updated on: November 30, 2020