Professional Certification Program

USGIF offers a first-of-its-kind, transparent, and transportable Certified GEOINT Professional (CGP™) Program and professional designation that proves your deep and balanced understanding of the GEOINT tradecraft.

What is the CGP™ Program?

The CGP™ Program is available to U.S. and international GEOINT practitioners across industry, military, academia, and federal, state, and local government. This Program offers you the opportunity to develop professionally, stay current and relevant in your profession, advance in your career, and showcase a deep understanding of GEOINT.

USGIF offers professional certifications based on broad knowledge, skills, and abilities critical to the GEOINT workforce, as outlined in the GEOINT Essential Body of Knowledge (EBK).

Certifications are available in:

  • Certified GEOINT Professional- Essentials (CGP-E™) Offered Online
  • Certified GEOINT Professional- GIS & Analysis Tools (CGP-G™)
  • Certified GEOINT Professional- Remote Sensing & Imagery Analysis (CGP-R™)
  • Certified GEOINT Professional- Geospatial Data Management (CGP-D™)

Testing for the CGP-G™, CGP-R™, and CGP-D™ is held in person. Therefore, it is currently on hold due to COVID-19.


Certified GEOINT Professional—Essentials (CGP-E™) 

The CGP-E™ assesses foundational knowledge of the four major competencies in the Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Essential Body of Knowledge (EBK): Remote Sensing & Imagery Analysis (RS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Analysis Tools, Geospatial Data Management (GDM), and Data Visualization (DV). The exam is intended for students graduating from USGIF accredited academic programs and new professionals to the GEOINT field.

And now you can take it online!

Certified GEOINT Professional Boot Camp

USGIF is offering the first of three boot camps to help GEOINT professionals review and prepare for the Certified GEOINT Professional (CGP™) Program. The Certified GEOINT Professional- GIS & Analysis Tools (CGP-G™) Boot Camp is an online course designed to ensure professionals understand key concepts found in the GIS and Analysis Tools Competency within the USGIF GEOINT Essential Body of Knowledge (EBK).

Upon completion of the course materials, students may choose to sit for the Certified GEOINT Professional- GIS & Analysis Tools (CGP-G™) assessment to earn the CGP-G™ professional designation. The course is a “refresher” and WILL NOT provide the instruction to pass a certification exam.

Boot Camp topics include:

  • Fundamental GIS Principles
  • Data Evaluation Principles
  • Spatial Analysis & Statistics
  • Geospatial Data Fusion
  • Open-Source Geospatial Data
  • Geography Concepts & Principles

Email us to receive info on pricing and how to sign up.


NCCA Accreditation

The Certified GEOINT Professional (CGP™) Program is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), under the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE).

Please note the Certified GEOINT Professional- Essentials (CGP-E™) is not accredited by NCCA, representing a stepping stone into professional certifications.