Professional Certification Program

The Certified GEOINT Professional (CGP) program launched in 2016 with the goal to help close the skills gap for GEOINT specialty disciplines.

USGIF has temporarily and voluntarily suspended the Certified GEOINT Professional (CGP) program for a period of three (3) years, starting February 1, 2021.

If you have already earned a CGP credential, then congratulations! Take that achievement with you, promote it, and use it to the benefit of your career.

Please read below our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to gain a better understanding of our reasons for this decision and how we will implement the program suspension.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is USGIF suspending the program?

While the initial premise of the CGP program was sound, we have not seen the demand for these certifications materialize the way we had hoped, either in private sector or public sector hiring or procurement practices. In light of this, USGIF believes our effort to advance the tradecraft and build a pipeline of talent would be better focused on different programs, such as high school industry credentials and our accreditation of GEOINT Certificate and degree programs for colleges and universities.

Moving forward, USGIF will work with the GEOINT community to identify alternative approaches to ensure a robust and skilled talent pipeline of GEOINT professionals, leveraging our GEOINT Essential Body of Knowledge (EBK) to guide those activities.  We will apply what we learned through the development and implementation of our CGP programs and from community feedback to competency-focused learning opportunities offered in USGIF’s professional and workforce development training programs.

Does this decision impact all the CGP certifications?

This decision only impacts the Certified GEOINT Professional (CGP) Certification for GIS & Analysis Tools (CGP-G), Remote Sensing & Imagery Analysis (CGP-R) and Geospatial Data Management (CGP-D). The Essentials certification (CGP-E) will continue to be offered to USGIF accredited programs (only) as a measure of self-examination to help recent graduates’ self-improvement in GEOINT competency areas.

Why is USGIF suspending vs ending the program outright?

Given the many rapid and exciting changes of GEOINT, we plan to revisit our CGP program in two years to determine if there are changes in demand signals for these certifications that would justify continuing it at that time.

What will happen to my certification? Is it still valid?

Regardless of when you earned your certification, it will continue to be valid for the next three years.

Will I be able to use my digital badge?

Yes, USGIF will continue to maintain the digital badges for all the current earners for the next three years and cover the annual maintenance fees associated with your badge renewal.

Am I expected to maintain my digital badge?

USGIF is covering all the fees associated with your annual digital badge maintenance (third party annual maintenance) for the next three years (until end of January 2024).

My three-year CGP renewal is due soon. Am I expected to submit PDU documentation for review?

No. USGIF will automatically extend your CGP credential until end of January 2024 without requesting proof of PDUs. We however encourage you to continue to seek professional development opportunities.

Will the exams still be available?

No, we are pausing our testing at least until we revisit this program in 2023.

Does this also impact USGIF’s accreditation of collegiate GEOINT certificate or degree programs?

No, USGIF is continuing those programs. USGIF Collegiate Accreditation is independent of the CGP program.