GEOINT Essential Body of Knowledge

USGIF produced the GEOINT Essential Body of Knowledge (EBK) by conducting a cross-industry job analysis to identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities critical to the GEOINT workforce.

This document provides background information and context as well as outlines standards for the broad practice of GEOINT. The GEOINT EBK is at the heart of USGIF’s efforts to professionalize the global GEOINT workforce. Within this document are examples of transparency and transportability, the hallmarks of the USGIF Certified GEOINT Professional (CGP™) Program.

USGIF offers professional certifications based on broad knowledge, skills, and abilities critical to the GEOINT workforce, as outlined in the GEOINT Essential Body of Knowledge.

The three exams and professional certifications are:

  • Certified GEOINT Professional- GIS & Analysis Tools (CGP-G™)
  • Certified GEOINT Professional- Remote Sensing & Imagery Analysis (CGP-R™)
  • Certified GEOINT Professional- Geospatial Data Management (CGP-D™)

For more information about USGIF’s CGP™ Program, please click here.

The EBK ultimately resides with the practitioners and academics that apply and advance the GEOINT tradecraft. It includes knowledge of proven practices that are widely applied as well as innovative and advanced practices. Geospatial intelligence is a dynamic tradecraft.

As the profession continues to evolve so will the EBK, continuing to reflect appropriate and meaningful changes to the GEOINT tradecraft and to incorporate new approaches to performing tasks that become more prevalent.

Download the GEOINT EBK