USGIF Academic Programs include the annual Scholarship Program and the USGIF Accreditation Program. Each were created to support lifelong learning and professional development in the skills and competencies associated with the Geospatial Intelligence tradecraft through relationships and programs with educational institutions. In order to do this, USGIF Academic Programs exists to:

  • Promote Geospatial Intelligence tradecraft development through USGIF accredited programs at the college and university level that can lead to the awarding of the Geospatial Intelligence Certificate
  • Harness and invigorate interest in Geospatial Intelligence as a career path among students in 7th through 12th grades
  • Support the teaching of fundamental geographic skills in K-6th grades
  • Provide access to industry capabilities that are available to support academic endeavors in Geospatial Intelligence learning
  • Support continuing education in the geospatial intelligence tradecraft

Ultimately, USGIF Academic Programs will help ensure the GEOINT tradecraft’s continuance as a critical part of our country’s homeland and national security.

Along with USGIF Academic Programs, the USGIF Academic Advisory Board exists to advance geospatial education and connect an expanding geospatial talent pool with professional opportunities in the GEOINT community. The Board also serves to guide development of scholarly GEOINT publications, as well as internship and fellowship initiatives that promote workforce development. All USGIF education initiatives are independent from the Universal GEOINT Certification Program.

Watch this video to learn more about USGIF’s educational activities.

USGIF Accreditation – GMU | GEOINT 2015 from Trajectory On Location on Vimeo.