USGIF’s purpose is to promote the geospatial intelligence tradecraft and to develop a stronger community of interest between government, industry, academia, professional organizations and individuals who share a mission focused around the development and application of geospatial intelligence to address national security objectives.

Toward this end, the Foundation shall seek to accomplish the following broad objectives:

  • To sponsor, conduct and support public discussion groups, panels, lectures and forum, to which will be invited members of the public, scientists, governmental leaders and others for an interchange of views and the instruction of the public on the topics under review.
  • To publish and distribute educational publications relevant to civic associations, governmental bodies, libraries, schools, universities and other interested groups (educational activities shall be designed and presented in a manner that will enable the listener or reader to draw his or her own conclusions) In doing so, the Foundation shall not espouse policies of positions the accomplishment of which may only be achieved by the passage or defeat of legislation.
  • To conduct sponsor or promote educational programs including, but not limited to, programs for teachers, administrators and students.
  • To award scholarships to students at accredited institutions of higher education to pursue geospatial intelligence disciplines, to include such areas as: geographic information systems, remote sensing, intelligence analysis, and other related topical areas.