Alice Zimmerman

Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Data and Decision Sciences Division Chief

With nearly two decades of experience in data and advanced data analytics, Alice has driven impact in her successive roles within the Intelligence Community (IC).  In her current role as ODNI Data and Decision Sciences Division Chief, Ms. Zimmerman leads data architecture and data sciences activities to drive data-centered approaches to assessing IC mission performance against national priorities.  She partners with ODNI data executives on codifying sound data practices through governance and policies.

In her previous position as NGA’s Deputy Chief Data Officer (CDO), she supported the development of NGA’s Data Strategy and oversaw the implementation of a set of tools and services integrated into the NGA architecture to enable the search, discovery and management of a spectrum of geospatial data and content.  She empowered strategic change within the organization through her planning and execution of NGA’s data taxonomy as well as the planning for policies related to governing the use of NGA’s and partners’ geospatial datasets.

Prior to Deputy CDO, Alice spent 10+ years with NGA, leading teams of professionals in the execution of data lake solutions and metric developments to enable data-driven insights on geospatial collection postures related to intelligence priorities.  Alice served in multiple roles on joint NRO-NGA initiatives related to advancing the performance evaluation of model-driven collections and tip-and-cue strategies, establishing herself as a key leader in the formulation of data and metrics on geospatial collection.

Ms. Zimmerman holds a Bachelor’s in Computer and Systems Engineering with a focus on Control Systems from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Master’s of Science in Systems Engineering from George Washington University.

Last updated on: October 13, 2023