Ari Dimitriou

Chief Engineer, TITAN Program

Dr. Ari Dimitriou has served Raytheon and the defense industry for 30 years. He is currently on Raytheon’s Senior Technical Staff, and is serving as the Chief Engineer for Raytheon’s TITAN program. In his current role he is responsible for technology solutions for Army, Air Force, and Navy ISR and Cyber pursuits.

Ari received his undergraduate Bachelor and Masters of Science degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT, with a focus in Signal Processing. He later returned to MIT to receive additional Masters in Systems Engineering and Management. He received his Doctoral Degree at George Washington University studying the application of AI/ML to large System of Systems.

Ari began his career researching and developing signal processing capabilities for a variety of platforms for Air Force, Army, and Navy. He led research teams to develop and apply real time Interference Cancellation Techniques, Direction Finding, TDOA, and LPI signal processing techniques. He has experienced the full product lifecycle from initial research to product fielding and operation. One of his first Systems is now on display in the Museum of London.

Ari previously served as Technical Director for the Raytheon Command Control and Awareness mission area, responsible for directing technology investments to meet customer needs and technology insertion into the Tactical DCGS Family of systems, Cross Domain Information Sharing Capabilities, Ground based ISR mobile solutions, and UAV Command and Control Systems.

Ari served as Technical Director for a Navy Electronic Warfare System where he led a team to run system procurement activities for the Navy. This was concurrent with his second tour at MIT. Ari also served as the Raytheon Chief Architect for the Air Force Senior Year program where he led capability integration and such studies as how to migrate legacy system capabilities into a Service Oriented Architecture.

Ari lives in Northern Virginia, USA with his Wife and three (very active) boys.

Last updated on: April 21, 2021