Ash Richter

Technology Director

Ms. Richter is a technology director at In-Q-Tel, spearheading traditional GEOINT, spatial computing, and ambient intelligence investments and related strategy on behalf of the national security community. Her research focus is on digitization, ubiquitous surveillance, and cybernetic systems in society. She is a technology anthropologist, archaeologist, and engineer who used to spend her time traveling around the world laser scanning ancient sites and building multimodal data systems for world heritage sites and secure facilities (BA Joint Honour Archaeology and Heritage, University College, Durham University; MA Archaeology & Heritage, University of Leicester; MA Anthropological Archaeology, University of California, San Diego; an abandoned Ph.D. Diagnostic Engineering University of California, San Diego, with an incoming MBA from Quantic and a post-grad certification in International Relations & Security Studies from Kings College London).

Last updated on: April 21, 2021