Col. William C. Waynick II

U.S. Air Force
Director, Air Force Cyberworx

Colonel William C Waynick II is the Director of Air Force CyberWorx where he leads a cross-functional team of the best and brightest subject matter experts from the military, civil service, industry and academia in accelerating disruption and transformation using Cyber to increase multi-domain warfighter effectiveness. The CyberWorx team utilizes innovative industry best practice tools and methodologies with 100% focus on user needs and experience. Facilitating discovery of the root problem and ideation of potential solutions, the CyberWorx team continues to work with the user and the sustaining organization to transition a Minimum Viable Product for iteration and fielding.

Col. Waynick entered the Air Force after graduating from the University of Arizona in 1991 as a Distinguished Graduate from ROTC. Col. Waynick’s career has included a wide range of assignments from computer programming to tactical and airborne communications and SOF support. He has significant experience in combat throughout the Middle East and Africa.

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Last updated on: April 21, 2021