Cordula Robinson

Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security, Northeastern University
Head of Geospatial Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

Cordula Robinson, Ph.D. leads the geospatial ML/AI teams at the Kostas Research Institute at Northeastern University where she maximizes research and impactful scientific advances by employing artificial intelligence and machine learning using multi-modal and satellite data and MLOps. She achieves excellence by monitoring the progress of projects, leveraging supportive resources, and establishing results-focused objectives and timetables. She consistently delivers successful outcomes during times of uncertainty within challenging environments. Dr. Robinson’s research is operationally focused to address strategic questions and basic applications. Presently leading a USACE multi-institutional contract, focusing on ML/AI and advanced terrain analytics, Dr. Robinson has worked with numerous agencies and labs including IARPA, DAC, AFRL, Ministry of Water Resources (Sultanate of Oman); Sharjah Water and Electricity Authority (UAE); and NASA and NSF, as well as industry partners. Cordula has an asteroid Cordie (2942, Cordie) named after her. 

Last updated on: March 14, 2023