James Dean

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
Immersive Technology Applications Engineer

James L. Dean is an immersive technology applications engineer within the Information Technology Services Department at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. He holds a BS in applied physics and mathematics from the University of Northern Iowa and an MS in aerospace engineering from Old Dominion University. He has a broad range of expertise including numerical modeling and simulation, data science and visualization, and software development for applications involving virtual and augmented reality.

James’s contributions to mixed reality throughout APL include numerous projects with application to missile defense, fluid dynamics analysis, construction, and systems engineering. He is the lead developer for a Siting Feasibility Analysis tool utilizing digital models of real-world terrain to analyze feasibility of installing future facilities at strategic locations around the world.  James is also a developer for a virtual reality (VR) application to analyze multi-phase Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations that started as an internal research project and rapidly evolved to a sponsor-funded project expanding into the field of systems engineering and digital engineering.  Other contributions include an augmented reality (AR) application visualizing orbital trajectories of the Parker Solar Probe and proof-of-concept applications utilizing graphics rendering software to visualize large datasets.


James has joined a small team to establish APL’s XR Collaboration Center (XRCC), a centralized knowledge and resource hub to support the lab with efforts utilizing virtual and augmented reality applications. James provides regular content including software development tips and tricks, best practices, and sample template projects intended to kick-start projects utilizing various hardware and software platforms with the Unity game engine.

Last updated on: April 21, 2021