Paul Metzger

MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Artificial Intelligence Software Architectures & Algorithms Group

Paul Metzger runs the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software Architectures & Algorithms group at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory, within their Homeland Protection division. This group of 50 research scientists develops innovative AI prototypes for the US government in a variety of technical domains, including computer vision at both data center scale as well as AI embedded on small drones; natural language processing with an emphasis on detecting influence operations through causal inference; and developing patterns of life and anomaly detection on spatiotemporal data. His entrepreneurial experience prior to joining MIT includes founding the company “Reality by Design” which focused on virtual simulation products and services. He was one of the original team members on DARPA’s SIMulation NETworking (SIMNET) program, which led to the development of the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) IEEE standard. In his spare time Paul volunteers with the Team Rubicon disaster response organization, is an actor/director in local community theater productions, and in the summer can most often be found sailing his boat in the coastal waters around Boston.

Last updated on: March 2, 2021