Sacha Lepretre

Chief Technology Officer

Sacha Leprêtre is Presagis’ Chief Technology Officer leading the company’s Innovation and Technology effort to create VELOCITY 5D a Next Generation 3D large-scale Digital Twins and Simulation geospatial platform using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 3D Engine Technologies.

He has deep knowledge and expertise in AI, Deep Learning,  Cloud and in 3D. Before joining Presagis, he was Director of Innovation Development & Technology at the Mila AI Institute in Montreal, working on innovative projects with Prof. Yoshua Bengio (Turing Award winner in Artificial Intelligence aka “The Nobel Prize of computing”) one of the deep learning godfathers, along with Hinton, and LeCun. Sacha also worked for the software company Autodesk, in M&E, AEC and manufacturing industries leveraging AI , 3D, Cloud and Game Engine for products with millions of customers.

Last updated on: June 16, 2023