Capt. Scott Kaplan

Civil Air Patrol Geospatial Program
National Program Manager

Capt Scott Kaplan, a volunteer Civil Air Patrol (CAP) member since 2018, is the National Program Manager for the National CAP Geospatial Program, as well as the Deputy Commander for Virginia Wing Group 3, helping lead 550+ CAP members in Emergency Services, Cadet Programs, and Aerospace Education.  The CAP Geospatial Team provides situational awareness, data, and imagery for FEMA and National CAP leadership. During the past several years, the CAP Geospatial Team has created a nation-wide survey and dashboard showing COVID-19’s impact on CAP members, and has supported numerous hurricanes, tornados, flooding, earthquake, and fire disaster events.  External to CAP, Mr. Kaplan has a background in cybersecurity, business, intelligence, and military operations. He is currently employed as the Operations Officer for the Air Force NGA Support Team and the NGA Liaison to CAP at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). He lives in Springfield, VA with his wife and two sons.

Last updated on: June 16, 2021