Steve S.

Climate Security Advisory Council, National Intelligence Council
Director for Environment and Resources and Chair

Steve S is the Director for Environment & Resources at the National Intelligence Council’s Strategic Futures Group, under the Office of Director for National Intelligence. In that role, he helps lead the Intelligence Community’s analysis of the national security implications of climate change, and provides analytic support to the DNI and senior US policymakers and warfighters. He was co-lead author of the first-ever National Intelligence Estimate on Climate Change, produced in 2021, and is helping to draft the Global Trends 2045 report. He is Chair of the Climate Security Advisory Council, which Congress created to deepen ties between the US IC and US Federal Science Agencies, and is the sponsor for the National Academies Climate Security Roundtable, which leverages non-government expertise to explore understudied areas on climate security risks to US interests. He has served in various national security roles within the US government for over 15 years, including two assignments in Pakistan and Thailand. He received his masters from Washington University in St. Louis.

Last updated on: March 14, 2023