Navy & Marine Corps

June 9

USGIF continues its 2021 series of programs focused on the GEOINT equities of the U.S. military forces with a day of virtual programming dedicated to the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps. This day of keynotes and panel discussions is sure to inform participants from around the force about how GEOINT matters to them. It also affords the opportunity for participants from USN and USMC programs to share insights with GEOINT partners who are working to ensure the nation’s Sailors and Marines can defend freedom, preserve economic prosperity, and keep the seas open and free, answering the nation’s call—no matter the crisis.

The day includes discussions of how GEOINT enables maritime operations and also delivers a look into USN and USMC programs that include GEOINT equities. The day will be capped off with a look into the promise and disruption represented by technological innovation in maritime domains.


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9:00-9:15AM  |  Welcome: Ronda Schrenk, CEO, USGIF

9:15-10:00AM  |  Opening Keynote: VADM Robert Sharp, Director, NGA 

10:00-10:30AM  | Engagement Break

10:30-11:15AM  | Keynote and Q&A:  Leila Gardner, Acting Assistant Director of Intelligence, Deputy Commandant for Information, Headquarters USMC

11:15-11:45AM Engagement Break

11:45-12:30PM  | Panel: GEOINT Support to USN and USMC Operations

A panel of GEOINT experts will share how the Navy and Marine Corps can use and leverage GEOINT products and services—both national systems and commercial capabilities. Topics will include mapping, charting and geodesy, Bathymetry and Safety of Nav, open ocean surveillance, and how these enable maritime operations.

Moderator: Hon. Ellen McCarthy, former Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research


      • Eric Moulton, USMC NGA Support Team Operations Officer
      • CAPT Haroun “Rooney” Isa, USN, Navy NGA Support Team Chief
      • MSgt James Falco, USMC, Geographic Intelligence Chief, Intelligence Division, Deputy Commandant for Information, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps 
      • Ricky Rios, Director of Customer Success, Planet Federal 

12:30-1:30PM  Engagement/Lunch Break

1:30-2:15PM  | Fireside Chat: Maritime Programs Enabled by GEOINT with Mr. William Flynn, Director for Cryptologic, Electronic, and Cyber Warfare, OPNAV N2/N6

Discussion of maritime programs which rely upon GEOINT for mission effectiveness. The session will cover the kinds of initiatives or hard problems the GEOINT community can help USN and USMC to solve, including “sensor-to-shooter" needs and commensurate challenges. The panel will examine, for example, how USN and USMC are undertaking distributed exploitation of UAV and other imagery and how ONI’s Fleet Imagery Support Team (“FIST”) operates.

Moderator: Carrie Drake, Director, Government Marketing, Maxar 

2:15-2:45PM Engagement Break

2:45-3:30PM  | Panel: Disruptive Tech for USN and USMC Innovation  

A panel will focus on what kinds of innovative or disruptive technologies are on the horizon to advance USN and USMC capabilities, particularly the need to automate the processing and speed-to-delivery of intelligence. What are the potential mission applications of these technologies? How can the GEOINT community help to automate the processing and speed of delivery to get inside an adversary’s “OODA Loop” to deliver data to our sailors and Marines quickly and reliably? How are the USN and USMC exploring such technologies, either through government R&D or leveraging commercial advances in novel ways? What might the hindrances to adoption of these technologies be, and how can USN and USMC overcome these? 

Moderator: Lynn Wright, former Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence


      • Hon. Kari Bingen, Chief Strategy Officer, HawkEye 360
      • Sam Gray, Executive Director, Silicon Valley Defense Group 
      • Peter Sforza, Director for the Center for Geospatial Information Technology, Virginia Tech 

3:30-3:45PM Closing Remarks: Christy Monaco, VP of Programs, USGIF




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